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Understanding the true value of your business is crucial before making any decisions about selling it. Your business is a cornerstone of your assets, and this knowledge is paramount.


What you believe your business is worth, or what you desire for it, doesn't determine its value. Only the marketplace holds the key to assessing your business's true worth and our experts will help to determine this.

Valuation is a complex task that demands experience and access to the right resources. At Great Lakes Business Advisors, we leverage our expertise and proprietary methods, alongside a wealth of data sources, to determine your business's value in the current market. We strategize on the optimal listing price, considering factors like the owner's cash flow and deal structure. We employ standardized valuation techniques and research industry comparables to provide you with a recommended selling price.


Selling businesses is not just our expertise; it's our passion. Reach out to a Great Lakes Business Advisors professional today to explore the selling process or to receive a confidential and comprehensive market valuation of your business. 

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